Last day of “in office” training.

Today we had our last day of training in the office we covered off the workplace manual.

We had a couple of reps from different trusts to talk about the work they are doing,

The first was from the “The Kea Conservation Trust” ( This was a very cool talk about a very awesome bird. We are going to be working with this group to help tag and access the Keas in the Routeburn and Milford track areas.

The second was the “Routeburn Dart Wildlife Trust” ( their main focus is to eradicate pests in the general Routeburn dart conservation areas. In doing this they are help the numbers of rock wren, mohua (yellow heads) and one of my favorites, the riflemen recover.  I recommend visiting there site. The company I work for are now working with them on this project and helping with funding.

On a different note, I got my laundry washed and dried. So wee hee clean clothes.

Tonight’s the night my flatmates decided to have a flat warming. They all got dressed up in funny shirts from Salvation Army, put on food and a had a great night. I only stayed for a couple and then headed out for a night walk. Unfortunately I had picked up the wrong head lamp, not bright enough for night hiking,  so only did a short bush walk, and then stuck to street with lights.

Tomorrow we have a break before we head out for our training on the track, we got rosters confirmed today,  I am going out on the first of November so this means I will get back from training on the 31st and have one night at home and straight back out on the track next day so I need to make sure all my kit is ready to go tomorrow because I’m not going to have a chance to fix anything after the training run.

After my first guide trip I have a break of five days and will head home to Auckland for a few days to catch up with family and friends, very happy about this.

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