November 16

It is late Friday night. Quick recap.

Enjoyed a few days at home. Caught up with a guide who is off track this year. Mowed lawn, got hair cut.

Flew back to Queenstown, such a lovely place to work.

My second trip had 23 Koreans on it, fortunately enough spoke English, as none of the guides spoke Korean. The rest were from Australia, US, and Scandinavia with a two from NZ.  A great group all round who got a great trip, almost no rain over the 5 days. A drought feared.

I took my first group out on the Milford Sound boat tour. Very cool.

We have a pretty cool English bus driver, so far I have had him for every trip. The walkers enjoy his commentary which is both informative and entertaining, As guides we sit up front, so we tend to chat with each other and the driver, which has made the long drives enjoyable.

Today I brought a new roof rack for the wing road, and accompanied by my Guy Williams look a like guide friend, I drove to Clyde to recover Kayak.  So hopefully some kayaking soon.

Dinner at the restaurant and bar 1876 with about 9 other guides, very pleasant.

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