About South


Some follow me on twitter where I am @StanleyBigFeet or on Facebook where I am not. I also have an Instagram, Brendon_goes_south.

Before I left my public service job, many asked to know what I was up to now, so for my twitter followers, family and friends to keep tabs on my adventure, I have stated this blog. Anyone is welcome to come and see what I am up too.

So…. what am I up to.

After nearly 19 years in the public service, and raising two awesome kids to adulthood and almost adulthood, I am taking a break. Well a kind of break.

At Easter 2018 my partner and I hiked the Milford Track, it gave us both a new lease on life. We both loved it. I applied to return as a guide and was accepted for the 2018/2019 season. If you have not done this hike I could not recommend it enough.

(Updated 14/10/2018)